Monday, January 15, 2007

Allow me to introduce myself...

This is my first post in this blog. I am new to the world of blogging and there is so much for me to learn. I am not a writer of any sort, yet I would love to be one someday... this is my way of asking for your mercy regarding any errors that you may find in my posts. Try to remember that this is a work in progress for me.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kimberly (not Kim) and I am 36 years old... expect my age to start going in the reverse direction from this year on! I am married to a wonderful man named Gregg. We have been married for eleven years now ~ going on twelve. Gregg and I have a beautiful daughter, Violet (her middle name), that is now two years old. I am very blessed to be a stay-at-home mother and can't imagine doing anything else.

My husband, daughter and I live in the wonderful state of Texas. I was born in Texas and have lived here all of my life, with the exception of living in North Carolina for a little while when I was a child. My parents are wonderful people and I was fortunate to be adopted by them. I am their only child. I love my parents and my in-laws ~ they are wonderful people and I am blessed to be a part of their family.

I am a Christian. I accepted Christ into my heart when I was fourteen years old. I am not perfect and make mistakes on a regular basis. I am human, after all. Still, I strive to lead a life that is worthy of Christ.

I love reading. Yet, I don't get to read as much as I would like to. Having a toddler in the house has made me cut back on my reading. I hope to be able to read more as Violet gets older. I have other loves in my life, too. I love music and love to sing, especially with my husband (he leads worship on the weekends). I love dancing with my daughter. I love laughing. I love the Spring and Fall seasons. I love the combined scents of lavender and vanilla. I love photography and hope to become much better at taking photos.

Okay, now that the introduction is over, let me tell you what this blog is going to be centered around. I will be writing mostly about my life with Violet. I am only going to refer to Violet by her middle name in this blog. This is an attempt to keep her life somewhat private ~ by knowing her first name she will have no privacy and may be embarrassed someday when she's old enough to read this. (**For those of you who know me and my family, if you wish to post a comment, please refer to our little girl by Violet for the reason I mentioned earlier, thanks!) Gregg and I chose Violet's middle name by combining my Great-Grandmother's name with his Grandmother's. Both women are very important figures in our lives and Violet's name is our way of honoring them as well as instilling a sense of family in our daughter's life.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that you will find joy in reading this. This is my life as a wife and a mother... the two most important things in my life.

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