Sunday, March 4, 2007

Games We Play

It's an incredible feeling when you discover that your little one prefers to play games that you made up for them. One day I made up a little song for Violet where she gets to jump around alot when we sing the song. It's a simple little song but Violet loves it.

"Jump all around
jump up and down,
go jump, jump jump!
Jump, jump jump!"

I discovered one day how much Violet loves to jump by watching her as she jumped throughout a whole song on one of her Wiggles dvds. As soon as the song was over, Violet was asking for the song again. I figured that I could make up something for her to jump around to so that she didn't have to rely on the dvd to do so. I also figured it was a wonderful way for her to expend some her exhausting energy that she has!

I made another little silly song that involves alot of tickling that Violet has always gotten a huge kick out of playing. While singing the song, I make a small pinching motion with my fingers and circle them all around her until the end of the song...

"Where's the tickler gonna go-
nobody really knows
where the tickler's gonna go
but I think it's gonna go-
right there, right there, right there!"

Once you get to the "Right there" section of the song, the tickler goes to work! Tickling Violet all over her precious little body! Violet loves this game so much that she always asks for us to do it again. I've never seen a child that enjoys being tickled as much as our little girl does. It's so much fun getting to play with her!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring you the greatest joy in life. Even if it's a silly little song that you made up.

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