Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Planting Flowers

Saturday was a mother/daughter day for Violet and me. Gregg wasn't feeling well and so I tried to get Violet out of the house, as much as possible, so that he could get some rest. One of the many things that Violet and I did that day was go to the local garden store and bought several flowers and pots and then returned home to plant them. Violet had such a wonderful time doing this little activity. She especially liked getting dirt all over herself as she threw the potting soil up into the air. We were a complete mess afterwards. But it was a good mess.

After we finished out little project (and cleaned ourselves up) I took Violet to an ice cream shop and she was in heaven! I enjoyed this as much as our little girl but for different reasons. It was wonderful watching Violet as she enjoyed her little cup of ice cream, one small bite at a time. And with each bite, Violet pronounced just how yummy her ice cream was. She was so good while we sat at a little bistro-style table and ate our ice cream in peace.

Finally, the last trip of the day was to the local park. Violet had been asking to go see the "Dinosaur", a slide that has a huge dino as the ladder to it. Of course, once we got there, Violet didn't want to climb the dino but wanted me to lift her up on the slide. I did this a few times but had to give up after my back started to hurt from lifting her up onto the slide. After spending a fair amount of time there, we left the park to Violet's protests and requests for "Dinosaur".

Once we finally got home, Violet was all tuckered out. She was ready for her bath after we ate dinner and then asked to go to bed. Saturday was a wonderfully exhausting day for the two of us. Gregg got the rest he desperately needed and was on the mend by the day's end. A day filled with sunshine and activities for Violet and me, and a day filled with some much needed rest for Gregg, it was an incredible day for all three of us.

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