Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Vivid Imagination

Violet has been developing a very vivid imagination lately. There are countless times when we'll catch her on the phone with some "friend". Of course, her "friends" are all characters from her favorite shows... Dory, Nemo, Boz, Barney. And then there are her family members... one of her Mimis, Papa, Grandpa, G.G. and G.Paw.

There are also times when Violet pretends to be someone, or something, else. She loves to pretend that she's a turtle, getting down on all fours and making sure to stick her back up as high as possible, and acting like she's swimming. Another favorite of Violet's is to pretend she a penguin. This one is really cute... Violet sticks her arms out and walks with a waddle. Violet is also mastering her skills as a "Mommy" to her baby dolls. To see her play with her dolls is a sweet experience and an humbling one. It definitely keeps me on my toes because I watch to see if there's something that I need to improve upon as she imitates me and her Daddy.

Whenever Violet pretends to be something else she always comes up to her Daddy or me and says, "Look! I'm a _____!" Then she proceeds to show off her latest imitation. I would like to say that Gregg and I have fostered this creative side in Violet but I'm not sure that's the case. I think it's just normal child development. Also, I've read that this isn't uncommon for only children, or at least the oldest child (especially if there's a gap between ages). Who knows? All I know is that it's fun to watch this side of Violet.

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