Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rant For The Day

Okay, I'm going to rant on about something for a little bit now. I am SO pissed off with the whole Britney Spears saga!!! Why can't this 25 year old woman get her act together for the sake of her children and grow up? Seriously. Those poor kids are going to grow up someday and be hit with the reality of what a screw-up they have for a mother. For a judge to think that the boys would be better off with Kevin, Britney's ex-husband, says alot about Britney's abilities as a parent (or lack thereof).

Britney has had one opportunity after another to straighten out the mess of her so called life. Her refusal to get the help that she desperately needs has proven what I've thought all the long, she's never been ready for the responsibilities of parenting. Her actions are such that it appears she's wanted to lose her children all this time. Britney's life has become a major train wreck and all of her so-called friends have done nothing but to help in the derailment. If this were just a normal person, someone without all the fame and money that Britney has, they would have lost those two precious boys long before now.

With all that said, part of me wonders if this is all due to post-partum depression. Britney's actions didn't seem to take such a downward spiral until after the birth of her first son. Unless if you count her marriage to Kevin as the beginning, which is very probable. Still, having two children so closely together has to have wrecked havoc on her body and her emotions. It takes a while for a woman to get back to normal after the birth of a child. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for someone who has two within a year of one another. Even so, Britney has the money to hire the help she needs. But that goes along the reasoning that she's mature enough to realize she needs help.

I hope Britney gets her act together and soon. Her two sons don't deserve what she's putting them through. Yes, they're young enough not to remember it all but this will always haunt them due to how accessible things are on the internet and such. I hate to say this, but the only way those two boys will have any sort of a normal life is for them to be put up for adoption and to have their records sealed so that no one finds out where they are. I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

Okay, rant over. You get a gold star if you read this all the way through.

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