Saturday, December 15, 2007


I took Violet to see her pediatrician on Thursday for her three-year checkup. Instead of looking for a new doctor in our area we went to the doctor she's seen for the last three years, Doctor Reynolds. On the drive there I kept telling Violet all the things that would happen while she was at the doctor's office. First, she would have to step on a scale to see how much she weighs, then she'd stand against the wall to find out how tall she is. I did my best to inform Violet of all the things that she'd experience while there. As someone recently told me, "Knowledge is power."

When we pulled into the parking lot I worried how Violet would do. She was reluctant to get out of the car and told me that she didn't want to go see the doctor. The good thing is that I had leverage. We were going to see friends immediately afterwards. That was all I needed to get Violet out of the car, willingly.

Doctor Reynold's office has a beautiful fish tank in the lobby. What doctor's office doesn't have one of those? Anyway, the fish are gorgeous and let me just add, I've never seen goldfish as large as the ones in that tank! We got to spend a little time in front of the tank before we were called in. Violet jumped and was ready to go. The real test came when we walked up to the scale. Thankfully, Violet didn't hesitate to step up. I beamed with pride as I watched Violet take that step and realized that she was going to do very well that day.

The scale was just the beginning of a good doctor's visit. She stood still as she had her height measured. Then, when the doctor came in, Violet did everything that he asked her to do. Violet opened her mouth wide so Dr. Reynolds could peek in and then patiently let him look in her ears. I was amazed at how well Violet did for the appointment. I was REALLY amazed at how well Violet did when it came to getting her shot. She didn't flinch or even cry!!! There was a moment of lip puckering but it gone as quickly as it showed up. The nurse was amazed at how well Violet did and brought in a special coloring book for her as a reward for such good behavior. Violet hasn't been so cooperative with Dr. Reynolds since the first time we took her to see him... the day he sweetly referred to her as "pip-squeak" (because she was so small).

We've had some very good moments this week with Violet. Maybe, just maybe, we're moving out of this "terrible three" phase ~ the terrible twos showed up a year late. I have to remember these past few days whenever Violet reverts back to testing all the limits ( I'm sure we're not out of the woods just yet). Like this morning, I woke up to find several ornaments off the Christmas tree. Her Daddy put them up, out of the way until I woke up, so that I could put them back where I want them. I guess Violet just needed to remind us that she thinks she's in charge around here.

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