Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Christmas Photos

A few pictures from our Christmas this year.

Here's Violet first thing in the morning. She looks so excited, huh? Violet is not normally so subdued in the mornings. She usually wakes up with both feet running. It's a rare day to get a picture of her sitting still.

(Violet is wearing a new pair of pajamas that I just adore.)

Violet's New Kitchen...
I can't tell you how hard we worked at this little kitchen a secret from Violet. Gregg was up very late assembling it after we put Violet to sleep. Her surprise in the morning was so worth the late night and all the work.

Finally, here's a cool picture of one of our ornaments. I had fun playing around with the lighting on the camera when I got this.


jenni said...

What a cute photo of Violet!
I LOVE her little kitchen! The blue color is beautiful. I may have to come over and play.

Kimberly said...

Jenni ~ You're always welcome to come over!