Tuesday, March 18, 2008


There are only five short months left before our little girl will turn four. It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought this precious little girl home...

So much has happened in the last three and a half years. Violet's first cries in the hospital, the most wonderful sound I've ever heard. Her first smile and laugh, melting my heart with a great since of relief that this little one actually likes me! Violet's first word, DaDa... okay, she likes him more but my time's coming. Her first steps, gingerly holding on to the furniture until she trusted her wobbly legs enough to eventually let go. Running for the first time, away from her Daddy and I, and then back. There was weaning from the bottle, a very easy step for her. Sleeping through the night. Going to sleep on her own, well, we're getting there. Violet's first haircut at the age of three, she did amazingly well. Potty training. Her first tantrum, something I thought would never end. Violet's first expression of not liking us, she finally realized we're not all that cool. Violet always running to us and telling us that she loves us, something we will never get tired of happening.

Since her first year of life, three seems to have held the most changes for our little girl. This is the year that I've realized just how quickly time can pass by. Although, if there were a way I could freeze time I don't think I would do it. So far, each year has had its own challenges but they've also brought a great deal of fun and even more love than I ever thought possible.

In honor of Three, I thought I'd share this video clip with you. It is of weimaraners demonstrating three. We had a beautiful weimaraner that Violet still remembers since he passed away nearly two years ago. Joshua, our beloved weimaraner, was a great dog and Violet loved him very much. And so, without further adeu, enjoy Three...


Violet, age two, and our beloved Joshua...

(It looks like Violet is hitting Joshua but she was actually petting him. Joshua was a very gentle dog around Violet. We miss him.)

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