Thursday, May 22, 2008

Giants and Dinosaurs

We had some wonderful thunder storms earlier this morning. The perfect companion for someone who can't sleep. I stepped out on our balcony with a cup of tea, got cozy in a chair, and watched the fantastic light show that was elaborately displayed across the skies. It truly was a thing of beauty. The skies would light up suddenly and you could see streaks of light cross the expanse of the night. Then there would be the thunder shortly afterwards. Some of the thunder was the low rumbling type but there were a few enormously loud claps of thunder that reverberated right through you. I still have some of the goose bumps from this morning's show.

Violet woke up a little earlier than normal this morning because of one of these loud thunder claps. She was in tears, pronouncing that she didn't like the rain. She and I sat down in a rocker that is in front of one of our windows and we watched the weather from the safety of inside. As we watched the sky light up for brief moments Violet began to understand what I've always felt, storms can be beautiful things. Violet asked when the next lighting would come and I told her just to keep her eyes open and wait for it. She was not disappointed when another lightening flashed through the sky and the following thunder brought an enthusiastic, "Oh" from Violet.

Violet was eating her breakfast, "Bee cereal with milk on it" (Honey Nut Cheerios), when the weather began to settle down. She turned to me and said, "The thunder is kinda like a giant Mommy. It's loud! They stomp on their floors and it makes the loud thunder. And, the dinosaurs live with the giants." Seems like a plausible explanation to me.

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