Monday, August 18, 2008

Bedtime Routine

I love the bedtime ritual in our house. One of my favorite things to do with Violet is to tuck her in at night. We have a routine that brings me great joy and is something that I never get tired of. The lights are turned off upon entering the room. The only lights left on are her nightlights and a sweet flower light that I got from our local IKEA that hangs on the wall. These emanate just the right amount of light that allows for reading the pre-requisite bedtime stories. Violet's flower light is solid white but is the same design found on this picture. I'm going to try my hand on personalizing it by painting the petals and the center of the flower. I think that would be really pretty. Also, I would like to get at least one or two more of these precious wall lights that make you think of spring. I think they go well with the butterflies Violet has hanging in one corner of her room. Don't you think it's adorable how the cord looks like a stem?

The bedtime books that are in perpetual rotation as of right now are some of my favorites. Goodnight Sweet Butterflies is the perfect book for bedtime. Each butterfly is drifting off to sleep until "they wake to find another beautiful spring time day." Violet's second book for bedtime is Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book. I am particularly fond of this book with the the pictures and wonderful rhymes. Even Violet enjoys it. She knows this book well enough that she immediately picks up if we miss a page or two. Also, she has started telling the story along with us while we are reading it to her. I think it's safe to say she enjoys her bedtime with books. So, if you are in the market for some new bedtime books then please pick these up. I promise you, you won't be sorry you did.

Once we've read the obligatory books Violet then gets comfy in her bed. The light is turned off and I sit next to my precious girl and sing to her until she falls asleep. I sing a few songs that are traditional but mostly I make them up as I go along. My bedtime songs are sort of a prayer that I sing over my precious little girl. As I sing to Violet, I gently slide my fingers through her hair. Gently pushing the strands of hair off her forehead and relaxing her with my touch.

I remember falling asleep in my own Mother's lap with her stroking my hair and the memories of that comfort me even now. I enjoy doing the same thing for Violet that my Mom did for me. In a way, I'm passing on to Violet something of her Grandmother (MiMi) and hope that she'll appreciate it someday. Who knows, maybe Violet will do the same thing someday with her own children.

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