Saturday, August 30, 2008


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I went to the store tonight for just a few basic items. I didn't go with the intention to stock up on things for Hurricane Gustav, although I plan on doing that VERY soon (as in tomorrow morning). I was amazed by how many people were at the store. Think masses folks. Anyway, I was behind a family at the check out(they had two carts full of items) and the husband bought three (THREE!) cases of beer!!! Wanna know how many cases/bottles of water they had? Go on, guess. One! I couldn't help but laugh. We all have our priorities, right?

While at the store I realized how bare the shelves were getting. Water was the most obvious item lacking. I picked up a case of water and feel darned lucky to have gotten it. There were only ten or so cases left after I picked up ours. I'm sure the stores will be bringing in more, and more, water over the next few days.

I also topped off the honda's gas tank. I am SO proud of the price I paid too. $3.33 per gallon!!! If that seems like a bad price then let me tell you how much other stations (on another street) were charging... $3.45 to $3.48. I don't know about you but I LOVE getting a good deal on something. And no, the gas station isn't one where you would question the quality of the gas you are putting in your car.

In the meantime, I have to get us some basic food items and little battery-powered lanterns (and obviously batteries). I don't mind using candles but they make me nervous in large quantities, especially with a child in the house. Also, a flashlight or two, particularly a small one for Violet to keep with her at bedtime. (It is predicted that Gustav will hit in the middle of the night.) We lost power a few weeks ago and Violet freaked out somewhat when it began to get dark. By getting her a small flashlight I hope to prevent that from happening again. I can just imagine her waking up without her nightlights and having a complete meltdown. She'll probably still have a meltdown if that were to happen but a Mommy can dream, can't she?

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