Friday, August 1, 2008

Ten Things

Ten things that I'm loving right now...

1. My chiropractor! Technically he's not a thing but you get my drift! I had a terrible migraine early in the day yesterday and Dr. Rocque fit me in that evening, once Gregg got home. He can seriously work magic on your muscles. Dr. Rocque did some muscle work on my neck and shoulders and he worked out kinks that I didn't realize were there!

2. Anything Tinker Bell! Violet turns four next weekend and has decided that she wants her birthday to have a Tinker Bell theme. My Mom called us to let us know that Peter Pan, the original, was coming on TV last weekend. Violet watched it with rapt attention and fell in love with Tinker Bell. I'm planning on baking some cup cakes for Violet's daycare and taking them, and Violet, there to celebrate her birthday with her friends. I'm going to have to find some colored sugar to sprinkle on the top and will just tell Violet that it's "Pixie Dust". Fun!

3. Violet's daycare. Little Thinker's has been a god-send for our family this year. It's not easy sending your child to day-care, especially when you want to keep them at home. It's nice knowing that there's a place you can send your child where they'll be well taken care of when you need the help, for whatever reason. We were blessed when we found Little Thinker's.

4. Mary Kay's Time Wise 3-in-1 facial cleanser. My face has not been happy lately and has been showing it's unpleasantness with breaking out. I've had more break outs lately than I did during all of my teenage years! I was given a sample of Time Wise and my face is already clearing up.

5. Freecycle. I've already mentioned all the books I scored for Violet last week. Well, I'm still flying high from that.
6. Pepper, my cat. Pepper has been sitting on my lap for most of the night and is purring up a storm! Pepper doesn't purr that often and so it's a real treat when she does.

7. My Clarks sandals that I got last month. It's like walking on a cloud! Granted, I was worried when I first got them because they were really tight on the top of my foot. I tried my shoes on after walking all day at the zoo and they didn't feel tight. I don't know what happened for them to feel that way the next week. Now, my shoes are comfortably broken in and my feet sing their praises every time I put them on.
Thankfully, I didn't pay as much for these shoes as the listed price. Ouch, talk about hurting the wallet!

8. My crock pot! After finding the blog "A Year of CrockPotting" I have become inspired to use my own crock pot more often. This week I've made chicken soft tacos and navy bean soup with my trusty, no-fuss crock pot. Each meal was delicious.

9. Spray in conditioner. Violet had some seriously tangled hair after her bath a few nights ago. I sprayed the ends of her hair with some spray-leave-in-conditioner and easily worked those tangles free. An added bonus, her hair remained tangle free the next day and smelled heavenly!

10. Watermelon! We have been keeping the Watermelon farmer's in business this summer. I've been buying a seedless watermelon each week this summer. It is a tasty treat that we don't have to feel guilty about indulging in. Mmm, I think I'll go fix me a bowl of some now!

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