Friday, September 12, 2008


I am SO frustrated right now! I might come across as heartless right now but here are the facts. There are some people who have not heeded the mandatory evacuation orders and are now stuck in their homes. They've been calling the authorities for help/rescue. Of course, authorities are risking their own lives to get to those who have asked for help. Yes, those in the public services are required to stay behind to help keep order but it bothers me that most people don't consider that they shouldn't have to risk their lives for your own stupidity.

We all have been watching hurricane Ike as it inches it's way along towards us. This storm is HUGE! One report was that Ike was as wide as the Gulf itself at one point. It should not be a surprise to folks that there would be flooding. Even the birds have the sense to take flight and are moving towards drier land. Today's photo was taken in the early hours of the evening so that's why it's so grainy but it gives you an idea of what is going on in our area. This photo does not show how many birds were looking for shelter last night. Imagine the movie "The Birds" and that is more like what I saw. Okay, not quite but it sure did seem like it.

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