Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kosher Salt

[photo courtesy of Morton Salt]

Oh, where have I been in the world of salt? I've been stuck with the thought that regular ole' table salt is the same as everything else. Boy, was I wrong. I've used sea salt on occasion and enjoyed it but I never understood all the hype that surrounds it. I've wanted to try Kosher salt for a while now but was waiting till we ran out of our other salt. Why, oh why, did I wait? My taste buds had no idea what they were missing out on, that's why!

Kosher salt made it's way into my shopping cart and all I can say is "Wow!". Now, just so you don't think I've done alot of cooking with this, let me tell you all I've used it on so far was the popcorn I made today. Popcorn, you say? Yes, popcorn and it was so very tasty! I've learned that Kosher salt is bigger in size than regular table salt. In terms of using salt on popcorn, you need less Kosher salt for the same effect of the amount you would normally use with regular table salt. Did I mention, it's supper yummy too?

If you want to know how we make popcorn then let me share the simple, simple process. We use a plain paper sack, the kind you use for taking your lunch in. I add a 1/4 cup of popcorn to the bag and then fold the top of the bag over a couple of times. Pop the bag in the microwave and cook for two minutes and ten seconds (our microwave's automatic setting for a regular sized bag of popcorn). While the popcorn is cooking I shave a little butter off it's stick and put it in a coffee cup. Melt the butter (I pop mine into the microwave for a few seconds after the popcorn is done). Drizzle the butter on the popcorn (while still in the bag), sprinkle with some Kosher salt and then give the bag a good shake. Easy-peasy and healthier than the pre-packaged stuff.

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