Sunday, December 28, 2008


[photo straight from the camera of Violet showing off her new nightgown she got from Mimi & Pops W. for Christmas]

Earlier this morning Gregg promised Violet a surprise (for what I'm not sure) and here is the conversation between the two of us...

Violet ~ Guess what Mommy! Daddy said I could have a surprise!
Me ~ A surprise? I wonder what it could be?
Violet ~ I don't know but I'm SO EXCITED!!! (She's jumping up and down as she says this.)
Me ~ I can tell.
Violet ~ Is it chocolate cake?
Me ~ I'm pretty sure it's not chocolate cake. You've had enough sweets these past few days to last you throughout the next year.
Violet ~ How about a trombone?!!
Me ~ I'm absolutely certain it's Not a trombone but that's an excellent guess.


Jen said...

She is too funny. A trombone? Where do they get these things?

Kimberly said...

Jen ~ Thanks! I think she's a riot. :)