Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Faster Mommy!

One of the things we did during our Thanksgiving visit with MiMi and Grandpa was go to a place called Pete-Za's (also known as Playtime Pizza). The pizza was very good for a buffet style place but the entertainment was wonderful. My parents gave us a card (basically the electronic version of tokens) to use for Violet and then turned us loose! The arcade was set up for every age group. There was even a toddler/baby play area. Pete-Za had obviously thought of everyone! By the way, I just love that name, Pete-Za! It cracks me up.

Violet played in the little play zone with other kiddos her age, which was free. Then we managed to maneuver her away to the actual games. She hit a gopher several times with the provided mallet and declared that it was ALOT of fun. But the thing that set the whole night over the edge for Violet... Go Carts!!! Obviously, Violet is too small to get behind the actual wheel of a Go Cart but she was big enough to be a passenger. Violet and I were in a pretty blue two seater and Gregg was in a snappy looking white single cart. Folks, we tore that track up! We had so much fun. I wish we could have managed a photo but there was no slowing down. Each time I tried to slow down for a photo opp I would hear Violet say, "Faster Mommy!" You'll just have to imagine the beautiful smile on Violet's face.


Jen said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun. Pete-Za's is a great name.

Kimberly said...

Pete-Za, that cracks me up! And yay for little girls loving Go-Carts. :)

Mandy said...

That does sound like some good family fun!! Hey chica, I tagged you on my blog!