Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nice And Shiny

[photo courtesy of Sears.com]

Look at that! Ain't it purty? It's all nice and shiny like. Okay, I'm really tired and my Southern drawl has somehow made it on to here. Anyways, that's our new television folks! Gregg and I managed to drag ourselves out of the house last Saturday, went to Sears and picked out what we thought was the best television we could get with our store credit. It was a frustrating process. Let me explain...

We arrived at Sears and our little girl was not in the most cooperative mood. After an early morning errand and lunch Violet crashed in the backseat as we made our way to the mall. She needed the sleep after not sleeping well the night before. (Violet hasn't been sleeping well the past few nights actually but that's a whole other story.) Sleeping beauty woke up with a bad case of the crankies which somehow made her legs unable to function properly. So, Gregg carried her for a little bit. Obviously, she was still tired and just needed a few minutes to rest her head on his shoulder and to get her act together.

Meanwhile, Gregg and I bounced around the television section, going from one set to the next. "I like this one, what do you think?" "Umm, I dunno know. This one got excellent reviews." And so it went for several minutes. It's a good thing we weren't set on what we wanted and needed some time to do a little comparisons between the ones we were considering. That department was crazy busy! Sears was having a great sale on their televisions and electronics that day.

Once we finally decided on the television we wanted we waited, and waited, for a sales clerk to help us. After realizing the few sales clerks that were in that department were outnumbered by several customers I told Gregg to go on ahead and take Violet to the playground and that I would be along shortly. I had greatly miscalculated the difference in numbers of sales clerks to customers and it took much, much longer than we had anticipated. Finally, when it looked like I was going to get the help I needed a couple, who arrived after we did I might add, grabbed the sales clerk and started asking him all sorts of questions. "He-ll-O? I've been waiting for someone for nearly an hour and these bozos just got here. I don't think so!"

Okay, I didn't actually say that but I sure did think it. I was pretty ticked and so I moved to Plan B, steal the sales clerk from the bozos (I mean customers) who jumped in front of me! If they can cut in front of someone whom they knew was there before them then I could steal the sales clerk back, darganit! Well, the wife of the couple didn't appreciate my little tactic and actually had the nerve to say something. I looked at her pointedly and calmly said, "I've been waiting for over an hour. How long have you been here?". Her husband agreed with me and she had the decency to look embarrassed. Whew!

The sales clerk was very fast while helping me process my order. (He was probably trying to keep a riot from breaking loose amongst all the customers.) Turns out, the television we wanted wasn't in stock. Ugh. So, I ordered it and it'll be in tomorrow. Gregg will pick it up after work. I managed to get Sears to tack on another year to the television's standard 30 day warranty. We had a year left on our current television's warranty and so they just switched it over to the new one. We'll probably add more time to the warranty once we get close to the end of this one. Because as we all know, things always break down a month after the warranty has expired.


Glenna said...

Congrats on the new TV!!!

And kudos to you for "stealing" the sales clerk back and not backing down. You really handled that well. You were assertive but not obnoxious. Yay for you!

And yay for you with the new TV--woohoo!!

Jen said...

That does look nice and shiny. Hopefully it will be worth all the trouble in the store.

Kimberly said...

Glenna ~ thanks! That's what I was trying for.

Jen ~ thanks! Me too!