Friday, April 3, 2009

Overheard Conversation

[photo courtesy of BRIO Ambi Toys]

While Gregg worked on putting a very reluctant Violet to bed last night I overheard the following conversation...

Violet ~ Noooo Daddy! I want my camera!

Gregg ~ No Sweetheart. All you're going to do is play with it when you need to be working on going to sleep.

Violet ~ But I NEEEEED it!

Gregg ~ What you NEED to do is go to sleep. Your camera will be put up with your other toys and you can have it in the morning.

Violet ~ Don't throw it in the potty Daddy!

I don't know why Violet was so worried about her Daddy throwing her toy camera in the potty but she was. FYI, we've never thrown a toy in the potty nor have we ever threatened to do that.


Jen said...

That is funny. I am sure she will be relieved to find her camera safe and sound today!

Kimberly said...

The funny thing is she hasn't even mentioned her camera all morning! I'm not going to bring it up, I'm just gonna wait to see how long it takes for her to mention/play with it. ;)