Monday, June 15, 2009

Zombies Are Taking Over The World

I'm tired and achy folks. Which means I feel like crap. What I thought was only major sinus issues has turned in to a horrible full-blown cold. A good ole' snot fest, if you will. Sorry, that may be way too much information. Forgive me, I've taken a cough medicine and it has made me a tensy bit loopy. Ah, thank God for drugs! Seriously, you gotta love them when you feel like death warmed over. When I go lie down in my comfy bed I am praying that I won't begin coughing up a lung or something like it because that wonderful cough medicine is actually doing it's job. We'll see. So, sorry, I've not picked up the camera all weekend. I had my lazy bum curled up on the couch and have caught up on alot of movies that we've been recording. I hope to feel better soon. If not, zombies will begin to take over the world. And I'll be their leader.

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