Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's The Simple Things

It's the simple things in life that makes me happy. Today that happens to be Chinese food delivered by the best restaurant in our area, Chang's Chinese.

Ohhh, come to me Kung Pao Chicken! You look so yummy that you must pay a visit to my tummy! Yes, I just wrote that. I'm almost embarrassed enough to remove it and write something else in its place. Almost. Not quite enough. :)

Their Kung Pao Chicken is marvelous! And I DO mean MARVELOUS!!! It has just enough heat to send your taste buds looking for the nearest glass of water but not so much where it'll fry them either. You want that last bite of deliciousness to be as good as the first. Chang's doesn't overload the dish with peanuts or celery, which amazingly enough is pretty easy to do. The only thing you have to be careful of is not getting one of those fiery red peppers in a bite. I always pick those suckers out but every now and then one escapes my thorough inspection (which I guess isn't thorough enough) and I'll pay for it. Thankfully, tonight wasn't one of those times.

Also, you just gotta love a place that gives you enough food that it'll provide you with at least one leftover lunch (sometimes two). Mmmm, I love you Chang's!


Kimberly said...

LOL! Umm, you REALLY like Kung Pao Chicken don't you? ;-) I haven't had Chinese food in too long. That looks yummy!

Kimberly said...

Chang's ROCKS!!! Can't get anything better than their stuff.

Jen said...

You just made me hungry.