Thursday, September 10, 2009


First off, I would like to apologize for the poor quality/lighting of these photos. It's late and I'm using what little time I have to share with you the progress that my precious little girl is making while we home school. We have been having a wonderful time doing school at home. We still haven't gotten our curriculum but that's coming very soon. In the meantime, I've been working with some little workbooks that I picked up. They're decent to work with but I'm ready for something more structured.

I've been working on teaching Violet how to write. This has been more of a challenge than I had anticipated it being. She has difficulty holding the pencil in a way that she can write with. Violet gets frustrated when she doesn't get something right away and I have to give her an extra bit of encouragement which usually does the trick in getting my kiddo to persevere. Here are her first attempts:
We also wove a place mat as part of her craft time. I think this was a lesson on patience for both kiddo and myself but we pressed on and Violet is pleased with the results.

This next page was probably the hardest worksheet Violet's done so far. The letters are all jumbled up and she had to draw a line from a to b to c, all the way through until you reached z. She got confused for a little while but once she figured it out she finished it in no time!

For math yesterday we worked on determining which group had less than the other. Kiddo breezed through that like it was nothing! So far, I think math is her strongest topic.

Then there was Phonics...


And then finally, Violet's least favorite topic. Writing skills. This is what she'll be working on today. Incredibly enough though, Violet learned to write her first name yesterday! She spelled it perfectly, twice, without any help from me! TWICE!!! And oh my gosh, that kid beamed with pride over what she accomplished!!!

I am absolutely, positively loving home schooling my daughter. To watch her learn something new is incredible. And I can walk her through her frustration when things don't go as smoothly as she would like them to sometimes. But gracious, when something clicks with Violet she takes off with it! After writing her first name a few times yesterday she pointed her pencil in the air and declared, "I am a GENIUS!" I nearly died laughing right there on the spot. Genius? I don't know about that. But she is pretty darned smart!

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Kimberly said...

I'm siding with Violet - she IS a genius! :) I'm so glad she's enjoying it so much, and it sounds like you are too!