Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Loving It!

I must admit that I am loving, LOVING, our home school experience!!! Violet works so hard and is very eager to learn new things. Her writing is less than desired but she makes up for it by working on each new letter and number with determination. Math is Violet's strongest topic right now, closely followed by critical thinking skills.

Seriously, I couldn't be any more proud of our precious little girl than I am right now. She enjoys learning new things and we rejoice with her when she completes a task. Inspirational/praise stickers are wonderful rewards for her doing something. Violet gets to pick the one she wants and amazingly enough she chooses appropriately ~ the smaller stickers are reserved for things that aren't very difficult and the bigger ones are for the tasks that took more effort to complete.

So, I think we're off to a great start! We're still using the little workbooks that I've picked up here and there but our curriculum has been ordered and should be on it's way soon. Some of the curriculum is on back order so we'll be getting more than one shipment. I'm praying that the curriculum we chose will be one that's a good fit for our family. It's a classical education curriculum that comes from Veritas Press. It will cover kindergarten and first grade which, although it's initially expensive, it will save us money in the long run.

Violet keeps asking on the weekends if we're going to do school that day. I take this as a good sign in two ways: one, it means she's eager to learn, and two, she's enjoying the learning process. Which means, in a round about way, I'm doing something right! Yeah me!!!


Kimberly said...

Has she had a haircut?!

I used to work for a homeschool book supplier, and I remember hearing good things about Veritas Press curriculum. You're right. It's expensive, but so worth it if it's making you and Violet happy. :)

Oh, as a kind of P.S. here, your comments show up as a no-reply on my blog, so I never can email you back a reply to your comments. (Boy was that a weird sentence or what?) So thank you so much for your kind comments on the photos of Ivy. :)

Kimberly said...

It's been a few months since her last haircut. Violet is one of those fortunate kids that has some curl in her hair. It's not curly but gets real wavy when the weather is humid which makes it look a little shorter than it is.

I don't know why my comments are showing up that way. I'll look at my settings to see if I can figure it out. Your photos of Ivy are really good!