Friday, February 19, 2010

Lasting Impression

Shortly after we moved to our current residence we had to get cable TV. It was that or never watch TV again, which isn't a bad idea. But I think there are a few of us that would have severe withdrawal if we didn't have our TV time. Anyways, we decided that ATT Uverse was the best bet for our TV viewing pleasure. We just got the basic services, nothing fancy, and it has been great.

We just recently started having some trouble with our boxes though. The main box, dvr thingy, started making a high-pitched digital noise. It didn't make the sound all the time, thank goodness, but it was annoying when it did. Not to mention, it would seriously mess with your equilibrium if it went on for any real length of time. Which it did, on Super Bowl Sunday. Hubby and I toughed it out though and watched the game. So glad we did too because man, what a game that was!

Back to the subject at hand. ATT Uverse. I love them! They came out earlier this week to replace our main box ~ we opted on waiting for them coming any sooner because we had a few movies we wanted to watch before they were gone. So, Wednesday, the guy was here for an hour or so, trying to figure out what was wrong with our box. Finally, after going through two different dvrs he replaced our modem and everything was working fine. Until the next morning, when the box in our room quit working. So, another day and another cable guy.

Here's the thing, ATT Uverse's customer service ROCKS!!! They have come out here twice this week and have done everything without any problems on our part. We've not been charged anything extra for them to come out or for replacing the boxes. Not to mention, everyone I've dealt with has been very polite and helpful. And the surprising thing, something you don't hear very often, was being told... "Thank you for using ATT Uverse. We appreciate your business and value you as a customer." Wow!!! You don't get that kind of service anymore and it leaves a lasting impression when you do!

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Kimberly said...

Now that sounds like the kind of service I'd like to get around here. I dealt with our cable company this week and got the exact opposite. Good service really does matter.