Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today my amazing hubby went to the store and picked up some groceries for me, giving me a chance to get some much needed rest. While at the store Gregg picked up some Peanut M&Ms for Violet as a surprise. She came up to me with a giant smile on her face and showed me her surprise. Here is part of the conversation that followed...

Violet ~ Look Mommy! Daddy brought home a surprise for me!
Me ~ That was awfully nice of your Daddy to do that.
Violet ~ Uh huh (as she shoves a candy in her mouth).
Me ~ I want a surprise too! Do you think Daddy got me something?
Violet ~ Aww Mommy, we can't always get what we want (to which she offers me one of her candies).

It's funny to hear your exact words thrown back at you. Hopefully they're the words that you want to hear! In this case, I'm not so sure I wanted to hear those exact words but at least I know she's finally getting the point.


Kimberly said...

Haha! Little stinker. ;) Love that shot of her. She's all smiles.

Glenna said...

LOL! Hilarious!!!

Rochelle said...


Rochelle said...

Hey there- I don't know if you need to check your spam file but I sent you an e-mail earlier today from an aol account beginning with an N.... let me know if you don't get it on my blog and I'll write again. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Rochelle said...

HI Kim -- I checked, it was sent 4/2 and the subkect was From Zoo Blogger Rochelle. I just resent it to the address at yahoo you have attached to your blog here. But this is what it said:
Hey Kimberly,

Reading your blog post on the zoo gave me an idea. I wanted to begin a guest blogger series on the Houston Zoo's actual blog, and start by posting yours! I pitched it and they have ok'd it.

Are you interested?

If so, I'd love to post the one you put up dated February 26th. I've never done this before but I'm pretty sure I could cut and paste the post from yours to the zoo's blog, and drag the pics onto my desktop and upload them. I think it's perfect as it is, but if you would rather eliminate the picture of your little girl, or change her name, that's just fine to do.

Let me know.


You can write me back at so we can work out the details. No pressure, but I really thought your post would be a great one to put up! :-) Happy Easter!