Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having Such a Great Time!

We're having such a great time here in Little Rock! I failed to mention in my last post that we're here visiting my parents for the week. The weather has been absolutely amazing (a far cry from our last visit here!). An old friend from college drove a few hours to come visit me and it was great catching up with one another. It has been nearly twenty years since we last saw each other. Wow!

We all went to WildWood Park yesterday, a fantastic park here in Little Rock. The gardens were beautiful and Violet enjoyed looking at all the different plants. We even saw a very pretty swan as it swam around in the lake at the park. BTW, did you know swans can actually hiss? I didn't either until yesterday. We were all sitting in a beautiful pavilion when three dogs ran up. Apparently the swan didn't like the dogs getting too close because he ruffled his feathers, lowered his head (giving them the evil eye) and hissed!!! I can't tell you how amusing we all thought that was.

(Sorry for the quality of the photo. These are straight from the camera.)

Today Violet, Mimi and I went to see How To Train A Dragon (while Grandpa stayed behind to get some yard work done). We LOVED this movie!!! There were a couple of scary scenes but we could tell when they were coming and prepared Violet for them. She did great! It's been a while since I've gotten so involved in a movie that I've actually cheered for a character to succeed. Violet is already asking to see How To Train A Dragon again. This is a movie that I would gladly see again!

And with all of that, I'll leave you with this funny picture. Toodles!


Jen said...

I am glad you guys are having a good time. My kids saw How to Train a Dragon and loved it too.

Kimberly said...

Okay, swan butt is making me laugh. :) And unfortunately I knew from experience that they hiss. LOL! Glad you all are having fun.