Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Like My Rock And Roll!!!

I have a major eclectic taste in music but deep down in my heart, I'm a rocker chick. This surprises people for some reason. I'm a pretty straight laced person. I follow all the rules (well, most of them). I prefer order over chaos. But I still like my Rock And Roll!!!

I had a rare moment of freedom in the car earlier today ~ just me with my music blaring on the stereo (which happened to be AC/DC), and the windows rolled down. The perfect way to enjoy a drive alone when the weather is nice outside. I was driving along, enjoying my moment of freedom and jamming to the tune of Back In Black, when a car pulled up next to me with two guys in it. I could see the passenger was enjoying my music as we sat waiting for a light to change. And then he turned his head and did a double take. I guess he wasn't expecting to see a soccer mom behind the wheel of a car that is playing a classic AC/DC song. And here's where I busted a gut, laughing my tail off as I left it at that red stop light ~ the guys in the car gave me a "Rock ON!" hand sign. I guess they approved of my music choice.


Kimberly said...

LOL! I can totally picture this. :)

Anonymous said...
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