Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Expectations

I HATE SHOPPING!!! There! I've said it. Now, here's why. I don't seem to have very good luck with shopping, especially for big ticket items (ie. mattresses, sofas). We picked out two new mattresses for our family shortly before Thanksgiving and within three days of owning them a spring broke in one. It took a lot of finagling to get the store to fix the problem despite us having a warranty on the product. After several phone calls, and even more complaints, the store finally did the right thing. We got a new mattress after sleeping on the sprung spring for a month (as if I don't have enough trouble sleeping in the first place!).

We decided to try our luck again after the holidays and shopped around for a new sofa. And shopped, and shopped, and shopped. You can read about that here. I was nearly certifiably crazy before we finally agreed upon something. That should be the end of the story but it's not. Oh no! That would be too easy!!!

Our brand spanking new sofa was delivered in late April and we couldn't have been more thrilled with it. Our sofa was so soft and comfy and we had great expectations of living happily ever after with it. I guess our expectations were too great for this lone sofa though because it didn't take long for it to look sad, depressed, and rejected. Poor thing! We really only had eyes for you! Really!!!

I called Star Furniture last week (after owning the sad sofa for all of two months) and told them something just wasn't right. I guess our match-made-in-heaven wasn't really such a great match after all. I tried to self-diagnose what was wrong with our lovely sofa and they immediately told me, "We'll send out a professional to come take a look at it!" to which my reply was, "Great!". It took all of three days for someone to arrive at our doorstep and he quickly said, "That's a sad looking sofa."

Mr. Inspector was on the phone before I could even blink an eye and told the customer service lady that our sofa had a manufacturing defect and that it needed to be replaced. Mrs. Customer Service Lady gave us two choices. (A) We could do an even exchange and get the same style/brand sofa, or (B) we could select a different sofa. After talking briefly with my dear husband we quickly agreed that we wanted to go with option B. We loved this sofa but are concerned that we'd have the same problem develop with another one just like it. So, Hi-ho, hi-ho, back to the store we go!

I guess all that shopping we did earlier this year helped me. I didn't have nearly as much trouble deciding on something. I went in, told the sales associate what I like and don't like, what our price range was, and the search was on. I quickly narrowed our choices down to three different sofas but only one really stood out.

Hello lover! Welcome to my place.

Two completely different sofas and styles but both lovely and comfy in their own individual way. Our new sofa will be delivered in two days and I'm really excited. We even ended up saving a little money and we'll be getting a check for the difference. Now I'm shopping for a new end table.

I have to say this ~ Star Furniture is a great company to work with!!! They really want their customers to be happy with their purchases and are quick to fix any problem that you may have with them. Dealing with their customer service, furniture inspector, and sales associates couldn't have been any easier. Star Furniture appreciates their customers and does everything they can to assure that you will be a repeat shopper with them.


Jen said...

I am not much of a shopper either. I am glad everything was easily resolved. I love your new, new couch.

Kimberly said...

I'm sorry about the sofa, but what a great positive experience you've had with the company. That makes for one happy customer in the end. :)