Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Lord I'm TIRED!!!

Today (Thursday) was the start of mine and kiddo's three day practicum with Classical Conversations. I was so nervous about meeting these people whom I will be doing school with for the upcoming school year that I had a serious case of butterflies in my stomach. Those darned butterflies thought it would be funny if they woke me up every hour, on the hour!!! When my alarm went off at 5 AM I seriously wanted to throw it across the room. The urge to hear that alarm die after it made impact against the wall was very strong. Very, very strong. Ahh, but I did the adult thing and slapped the SNOOZE button several times.

You may be asking yourselves, "Why would you have to wake up at 5 AM Kimberly?" Well, the answer is quite simple. The practicum is an hour drive from where we live now. An amazing church in the Houston area opened their doors for the Classical Conversations Organization. And without charge! Wow, you just have to love a church that will open their doors for a community of believers to meet in for a reason that is beyond that church's business and services. I wish there were more churches like Sagemont around because we desperately need more like them!

Thank you Sagemont Church for opening your doors to us. And for serving us while we learned how to best utilize our curriculum. May God bless your church in glorious and wondrous ways!
I am enjoying my practicum immensely. Violet is having the time of her life while in her class too. She has already made several new friends. It melted my heart to see how well she got along with the other kids in her group. Hugs were shared by all when it was time for us to leave for the day. And one precious little girl even asked if Violet could come over and spend the night!

This year's theme for Classical Conversations is "Thinking Beyond a Book!" I love that theme. I love books! I love reading! But it's easy to forget that books are actually tools to be used in a home school setting. And, if you aren't careful, books can become a task master. Our mission statement says so much...

We believe in an integrated education that seeks to know God and to make Him known.
How awesome is that?!!!

It's getting late but I want to leave you with one thought that was shared by Amanda Butler, our speaker today. Amanda shared with us this thought...

"Children are souls to be nurtured, not to be measured."
Yet another quote that I absolutely adore! I want to nurture my daughter and teach her in a way that she is excited to learn! I want her to love reading, math, science, history, and so forth. Because a child that is excited to learn is a child that WILL learn!