Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten Random Thoughts

1. Being sick stinks!
2. Having a doctor that goes all out for Halloween makes being sick a little easier.
3. Nothing prepares you for seeing a vampire with red eyes walk into your exam room with a needle.
4. Unless if you saw a tall clown walk in just before her and he orders the shot.
5. Shots in the hip hurt.
6. Unless if you have a talented vampire nurse who has a magic touch with a needle.
7. What vampire needs to bite someones neck or rob a blood bank when you work at a doctor's office?
8. I saw Pocahontas today!
9. No, I'm not hallucinating.
10. Being sick stinks big time!


Kimberly said...

LOL! Are you sure about #9? :)

~Crystal~ said...

LOL!!! Girlie, I'm so sorry to find out about your illnesses after the fact . . . no wonder you had been on my mind!