Monday, December 6, 2010

December? Really?

How on earth did we get here? And by "here" I mean in the month of December? This year has gone by incredibly too fast. Heck, I'm still digesting things from November. No, I don't mean the turkey and ham. Although that was pretty awesome. I mean, there's just so much that I've been trying to wrap my brain around so that I can share it with you. Nothing big or earth shattering, just recent events and what-not.

My birthday was last month and the days surrounding it are still a blur to me. Friday the 19th was my birthday and we spent the most part of it in a car, driving to Austin. My precious and beautiful little niece, Miss. Doodlebug, celebrated her third birthday the following day. There was no way we were going to miss a chance to love on her and celebrate her birthday. Which, we had a fantastic time at her party!

Once Miss. Doodlebug's party was over we loaded up in the car and drove another two hours towards home in order to make a big Thanksgiving party for our homeschool group. Everything was outside and the weather was absolutely perfect for such an event. There were grilled hot dogs, chili, and every other manner of food you can imagine. All of it delicious too. But the amazing thing, the party was held on someones property that's out in the country. You could actually see the stars. And the moon was stunning!!! Also, we had our own private symphony of crickets and frogs that serenaded us while we were there. Since I moved away from country life and have been in the city for the last twenty years or so, I didn't realize how much I missed those things until that weekend. What I wouldn't give to have that back in my life right now.

The following week was Thanksgiving week. After school on Monday Violet and I were in a mad scramble to get everything we needed for the rest of the week. Loads of laundry were done and our bags were packed for the next day. Tuesday we loaded up the car and drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to spend the holiday with family. Gregg's great-uncle Ed joined us too. We enjoyed our time with family, which is most important, and we managed to get in some much needed rest.

We also went to the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I grew up visiting that museum a lot during my childhood. My Mom worked for the state of Arkansas and so we spent many vacations exploring that beautiful state. Mid-America Science Museum was always one of my favorite places to go. There is so much to do there and not a whole lot has changed since my childhood days spent there. After knowing so much of the place from my own childhood, it was a real treat to see my daughter experience it for the first time. I got to relive some childhood experiences through her eyes and it was incredible.

It's hard to say who had the most fun at Mid-America Science Museum. Violet? Me? Gregg? Mimi or Grandpa? Or, Uncle Ed? There really is something there for everyone who visits, young and old alike.

So, with the holidays taking off in full speed mode, I thought I'd share this one last photo with you...

Remember to slow down and enjoy this time with your family and loved ones. Be in the moment and don't let the "moments" overwhelm you. Have a blessed and happy holiday season!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this little clip of video of me and Violet with the static-electricity ball. Violet had a "hair-raising" experience!


Kimberly said...

No wonder December snuck up on you. Look at all you were busy doing in November! :)

Jen said...

I know and we already a week into December too. The whole month of November was a blur. Looks like you guys have been having fun though.