Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sickness & Blessings

You might be wondering how the two go hand in hand. In our case, they really don't, but you'll understand the title in a moment.

One bug or another has been making its rounds in our little family. Well, not all of us. Just me and kiddo actually. Gregg, thankfully, has a magical immunity and rarely gets sick. Violet doesn't get sick very often but once she does it takes a while for her to get over it. Me, if you sneeze in the general vicinity of me I'm likely to catch something. My immune system is null and void. And no, I'm not imagining things. A fever doesn't lie folks.

So, that's where we've been at the last few weeks. Ain't life grand?!!

I had to take Violet out of school early because she started to run a fever again. Her sinuses have been screwed up due to all the spring allergies and wind we've had lately. When she woke up yesterday, her voice had dropped three octaves. Violet wasn't running a fever when we left for school and didn't act sick. All that changed in a three hour time frame.

It was a heartbreaking scene when I told Violet we had to go home. The water-works came on so suddenly and so hard that you would have thought she had gotten hurt. But she wasn't. She just didn't want to leave school. And that right there is a crazy example of blessing number one. How incredible is it that my daughter loves her homeschool program so much that she'll cry at the thought of leaving it?

Our homeschool group had a fundraiser for one week, which closed today. We have a sweetheart of a mom who sells Thirty-One products. She held a catalog party and then donated all the proceeds to our group's facility fund, which is going up next year. So basically, she worked this party for free! That's blessing number two.

I went through the catalog and developed quite a wish list. It was hard to choose just one item to buy. I finally settled on the Large Utility Tote. The practicality of the bag was just too overwhelming for me not to get it. I carry a TON of items to school on the days we meet and really needed something that would hold everything. Also, with summer already breathing down our necks here in the south, I can use the bag to carry everything to the pool. No more juggling four or five things and a bag that barely holds our towels! Even though I purchased this bag, this is blessing number three.

We are truly blessed to be a part of the Katy, Texas branch of Classical Conversations for many, many reasons. The curriculum speaks for itself. It is hard (especially this year's cycle) but fun at the same time. A love of learning has been instilled in Violet and renewed in me. We have an incredible group of families who all bring their unique qualities to our program. Everyone works hard to make things run smoothly and we all get along. A group of forty or so women who all get along is pretty amazing if you ask me!

Not every branch does things like our does. We all follow the same outline for the most part. Meaning, if you go from one branch to another, you'll be in the same cycle and working on the same material. We all start and end at the same times. We cram as much as possible into a three hour morning session, then lunch, and then an afternoon program. A LOT of material is covered in one day! Violet and I are usually so tired when we come home that we veg out until the next day. Dinner on those nights are always simple and easy.

Our director though has planned many outside things. She has worked hard to ensure that our families develop relationships within our group. We have a Mother's Night Out once a month. We keep in contact throughout the week through email in regards to many different things: outside learning opportunities, field trips, questions and support, and prayer. We are a little different in our morning assembly as well, which happens to be one of my favorite times of the day. We have time set aside to start our day with worship. Just a few songs but it really sets the tone for the day. We have joined this group not only for the outstanding curriculum but also because it's Christ centered. And to start your day off with worship is yet another blessing to be incredibly grateful for.

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