Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things That I Love Right Now

Some of the things that I'm loving right now are...

1. Air Conditioning! It is so stinking hot here in South Texas right now. Enough said.

2. My trusty little fan on my nightstand that runs on high while we sleep. It helps to keep us cool but it also blocks out noise.

3. Medical care and insurance. I've been fighting a migraine for the last week. It has been a killer. Our insurance helped us save some money on the prescriptions I've had to get lately.

4. That our homeschool program will start in August!!! I miss my friends and the opportunity to see them once a week. And what's even better, Violet is ready for school to start as much as I am. I truly love our Classical Conversations group!

5. Sketchers Shoes! Violet was given a pair of Twinkle Toes as an early birthday gift back in April. I noticed at the first of May that the fabric on her shoes was pulling away from the rubber sole. I immediately called Sketchers and they quickly worked at fixing the problem. We've ended up with a new pair of shoes and they gave us a different size to accommodate how long Violet went without her shoes. She would have outgrown them during the time period it took to get the shoes back.

6. How God has taken care of my little family over the last few months. Gregg was told by his employers that they were having to shut down the surveying company he worked for in the middle of June. He immediately had his resume out and within a few days two companies had called and arranged interviews. Gregg had two job offers, one from each company, the following week. Within a ten day time period, Gregg lost his job, interviewed with two companies and was offered jobs with both, he accepted one offer and started his new job. Gregg just completed his first full week with his new company. I'm amazed at how quickly all this took place and so grateful for God's provision.

7. Cross Community Church in Katy, Texas. Gregg and I have gotten involved in a church that is planting in our area. After looking for a church to call home for an incredibly long time, we feel like we've finally found the right place. Our church is in it's earliest stages of development but we have high hopes that God will use us in great ways to make a change in our community.

8. My daughter's sweet, gentle heart. I mentioned earlier that I've been dealing with a migraine for the past week. Violet has been such a sweetheart during this time. We've had a lot of snuggle time, curled up in my darkened bedroom and watched TV or read. She has been so helpful too, watching over me and asking if I needed something on a regular basis. This is SO not how I envisioned parenting, as it really stinks for my daughter to have to experience this with me, but Violet has been such a trooper this week. She hasn't complained once about not getting to go out or do something. Lord, how I love that kid!!!

9. That the weekend is finally here! We get to have some family time. I'm not sure what we're going to do or even if we're going to do anything at all. I'm just excited to have all of us together for a few days.

10. Rain! We have been in a severe drought in our neck of the woods. The heavens have opened up and given us rain the last few days. Some have lasted longer than others. No matter how long the shower is, we're thankful for it.

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