Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching Up

Hey there everyone! Are you still with me? I've been a bad blogger lately. I'm sorry. Life has been so crazy and hectic lately that I've not had much time for blogging. So much has gone on that I'm not really sure where to start. First off, we've finally found a church and have dived in there. It took us so long to find a place to join but it feels good to be a part of a community again.

The school year kicked in and we've been crazy busy the last five weeks. It's amazing how fast time has gone by. We've already had three field trips. So far, we've been to the Houston Arboretum (highly recommend it!), the Houston Museum of Natural Science and we just returned from Dewberry Farm. Needless to say, we have been doing a lot. Our school work has increased a great deal this year and we've had to adjust to that. And let me just say, it has been quite the adjustment! We are still a part of Classical Conversations and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such a great program and an amazing group of people. Truly, I'd be so lost without our group.

Some of our homeschool group at the Houston Arboretum field trip, taking notes on what they found after skimming the pond...

With the new school year has come new responsiblities. I've been working hard on our afternoon program's reading time. I did this last year but didn't really know what I was doing. This year I've worked hard to step things up and have organized our books to go along with either the history or the science that we've learned about that day. This has brought out my inner-bookworm and I have had so much fun with it. Also, I've been setting up a new website for our group. This has been a huge challenge for me but I've enjoyed working on it. I'm so excited about the new site and am proud of myself for taking on this challenge and learning something new. It's also an honor for me to be working on this project because my director had the faith in me to ask me to do this.

Violet's birthday was in August. I managed to get our yearly video montage done and posted it on time but dropped the ball on everything else. On her birthday, we enjoyed a low key night at home with just the three of us. The celebration started off with me singing Happy Birthday to my precious girl at the time of her birth, 1:16p.m. Later in the day, Violet received a very special phone call from Belle (of Beauty & the Beast)! Amazingly enough, Belle knew a lot about Violet - what kind of cake she likes, what her favorite color is, and what she wanted for her birthday! It was a magical moment that made the day even more special. Later, we feasted on Violet's menu choices - Piggy Rolls (aka pigs in a blanket) and homemade mac n' cheese, and to balance everything out I added a salad. There were lots of phone calls from family and she was showered with gifts galor. We then feasted on a cake that Violet and I baked earlier in the day. Surprisingly enough, it was edible and quite tasty! A few days later we celebrated kiddo's birthday with our church family and a few close friends with a big water slide and cake. It goes without saying that Violet had a blast!

My baking skills are improving!

Baking skills aside, it's the magic of making a wish and blowing out candles that matters...

Even she was amazed by the cake!

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Jen said...

Awesome job on the cake. Baking is definitely not my forte. It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday!!