Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness

It is entirely too easy to get swept up in the rush of the holidays. As we prepare to go into our first day of December, I thought it would be nice to think of the last thirty days of November and be mindful of what we're thankful for.

Here are my Thirty Days of Thankfulness...
1. My God who created the earth and all that is in it. He knows not only my name but He knows my innermost thoughts and the number of hairs on my head. He knows my heart, my joy and my pain. He cherishes me and loves me and counts me as His own.
2. My husband. Greggory's patience with me has been endless. I am thankful that God created him. He is a wonderful husband and father.
3. My beautiful daughter. It was a struggle to bring Violet into this world. God's hand was on her before she was even conceived, bringing her into our life when we were told she may not make it. She's beaten the odds of a complicated pregnancy, a pre-term birth, and severe reflux as a baby - she's healthy and she's happy. What more could a parent ask for?
4. My incredible parents, George & Dena. They gave me a home, a name, and a family. Life could have been so different for me had they not chosen to adopt a child. I may not have been born to them but I am very much their child! They love me unconditionally and they've provided incredible things for me. I don't tell them often enough but I love them beyond words.
5. I'm thankful for adoption! I don't know who my biological parents are. Honestly, I don't really care to know them. Not because I don't care about them but because I love my family. I am so thankful for their difficult decision to give me up for adoption. They didn't have to give me life but they cherished it above the freedom of not bringing a child into this world. My biological mother sacrificed nine months of her life so that I may have mine. Whoever you are, thank you!
6. My in-laws, Garry & Paula. You raised an incredible son who turned into an amazing husband and father. He learned these things from you! You have accepted me into your family as one of your own and I love you.
7. I am thankful for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for my sins. His love has redeemed me of my sins and failures.
8. Laughter. The world would be a better place if we laughed more.
9. Books. I am such a book worm and would be lost without them.
10. I am thankful for each of my friends. They all bring out the best in me and have helped shape me into who I am today. I am a better person from knowing you and being allowed to be a part of your lives. I love you!
11. I'm thankful for the roof over our heads.
12. I'm thankful for the food on our table. We are incredibly blessed by the bounty we are provided.
13. I am thankful for my church, Cross Community Church. We are so blessed by the people God placed in our lives. I look forward to seeing what He has in store for our church and the impact it'll make on our community.
14. I am thankful for the freedom of speech. I may not be the most eloquent person but I'm allowed to share my voice.
15. Photography - the memories it helps me to hold dear, the beauty it can bring into my life... I simply love it.
16. Our military. They put their lives on the line to protect my rights and my freedoms. Without them we wouldn't be the great country that we are.
17. Cuddling with my child. To have Violet nestled next to me is such a pleasure and a joy. It also is a little bittersweet too because I remember how easily she used to fit in my arms.
18. I am thankful for the freedom to educate Violet at home and for the wonderful group we're a part of. Classical Conversations of Katy has made a tremendous difference in our lives. We are a part of an incredible group and the families are all amazing.
19. I am thankful for music. Music is an outlet for every emotion that you have.
20. Traditions. I love passing things down to Violet that I did as a child. Something as simple as snapping green beans together while watching the Macy's parade is a special time.
21. I am thankful for Gregg's new job. So many people are seeking employment right now.
22. I am thankful for good health for my family and myself.
23. Our history - it reminds us of where we've been and hopefully it shows us how far we've come.
24. I'm thankful for quiet time with Gregg. We don't get a whole lot of that and when we do, I cherish it.
25. Date nights! There is no questioning that we love our daughter but without time alone we aren't as good of parents as we hope to be.
26. I'm thankful for good babysitters. They make mine and Gregg's time together that much more enjoyable. It's not easy trusting you child's care to others which makes finding ones you trust so important.
27. My big bathtub. It is where I retreat to when I'm exhausted or stressed and I can be rejuvenated.
28. This may sound silly, but I'm thankful for facebook. It can be a huge waste of time for me if I'm not careful but it has helped me reconnect with old friends.
29. Another silly thing I'm thankful for, Pinterest. Yes, this can be another waste of time but my family is better fed because of it. I've found so many wonderful new recipes and home school ideas on Pinterest, so it's not a total waste of time.
30. I am thankful for time. Time with my husband, my daughter, my parents, my extended family, my friends. Time to rest and time to do things. Time to enjoy the life that I've been blessed with and all that comes with it - joy, sadness, pleasure, pain. Time, it can go so slowly but usually it seems like it rushes by too quickly.

What are you thankful for?


Jen said...

I loved reading all that you are thankful for. I need to this next year.

Joyce said...

I, too, enjoyed reading your thoughts about so many people and things. I will remember these and be blessed as I read them again. Blessings to you and your family in the year ahead.