Saturday, August 18, 2012


It hasn't sunk in yet that Violet just turned eight. I look at my baby girl and am amazed at how quickly she is growing up. Seriously, where does the time go? 

We celebrated Violet's birthday with family last weekend. Her Mimi and Pops flew down from Michigan and we got to spend her birthday with them and Gregg's sister and her family. We've not gotten to do that since Violet turned four, so that was a real treat for us. Beyond the special time spent with family, Violet's grandparents took her to Toys R' Us for a birthday shopping spree. They gave her a set amount of money she could spend for whatever she wanted within that price range. Within moments, it seemed like Violet was on a treasure hunt. Girlfriend was born to shop!  

Violet's big request for her birthday this year was to have a slumber party. She has been asking to have one for over a year now. After deciding that having two friends over would be the best way to ease into the world of sleep-overs, it was time to figure out who to invite. We thought about it for a little while and figured two friends from our home school group would be fun. School starts in a few weeks and this would give the girls a fun experience to talk about at lunch. 

I'm typing this as my precious daughter and two of her friends are sleeping in our living room. Violet's first slumber party. The girls seem to have had a great night so far - swimming, pizza, cake, movie, popcorn and lots of giggles. They've been so well behaved and after some gentle convincing to go to bed they have finally settled into sleep. It only took them an hour and a half to settle down after the lights were turned out. I think I've been pretty lucky so far!

As I'm sitting here, I am drawn to memories of other "firsts" in Violet's life - her first kick in my womb. Her first cries at birth. Her first words - Dada, duck and Mommy. Her first steps. So many firsts in her life and now this one. Each one so precious. Each one a gift from God. 

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