Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Broken: Part II

After getting some rest and sleeping late, we finally woke up and started to make phone calls. My first call was to the pediatric plastic surgeon who was recommended to us from the ER doctor. Unfortunately, his office wasn't open yet. So, that made our next call to the Ear Nose & Throat specialist, Dr. Musso. Thankfully, we got an appointment later that week. 

Finding a dentist was a little more of a task. But even that turned out to be much easier than we anticipated due to a simple fact - Gregg's office just changed insurance companies and they've hired a service that is like a medical concierge service. You call your representative, tell them what you need, and they do the leg work for you. Within thirty minutes of my calling our service rep, we had a dentist appointment the following day. Truly, it was incredible. Our representative took all of the stressful elements of finding a dentist, a good one, and made an appointment for the next day.

Violet woke up very stressed out on the day of her dental appointment. As we were getting dressed she asked me, "Momma, can we wear our CC (Classical Conversations) shirts?" My poor baby was seeking comfort in her "big-girl" way. Wearing matching t-shirts was a price that I was willing to pay if it gave her an ounce of comfort to get through her dental appointment. During the whole time we spent at the ER and at the following doctor's appointments, this well-love pink rabbit, dearly loved and known as Floppsy, was by Violet's side through it all. Oh, how I love this little toy that brings such comfort to my little girl!

We showed up for her appointment, both nervous as two people could be. (Violet's previous dental appointments were not good ones for either of us.) We were seen rather quickly and the dentist that she got was the youngest in this particular practice. He was so nice, incredibly gentle, and very assuring. He took x-rays and did an exam and said to watch for signs of tooth damage but that he thought the gum would firm back up. I breathed the biggest sigh of motherly relief I've ever exhaled in the eight years of Violet's life.

The following day, Friday, was Violet's appointment with Dr. Musso. She took one look at Violet and confirmed what we already knew, "Yep, her nose is broken!" And then my heart stalled with her next words, "She needs to have surgery as soon as possible to correct it." Not what I was wanting to hear but as with all things, our heavenly Father is with us and will get us through this. Violet's appointment is the following Monday.

After Violet's appointment we rushed to our school to catch the ending of our co-op. We didn't stay for the afternoon program, a portion that I help out with, because Kiddo was given strict orders of no physical activities. We caught the last forty five minutes of class and then lunch. This turned out to be a sweet time for us. Violet's class prayed for her upcoming surgery as did the rest of the school during the dismissal. Let me just say, I love our home school program! It feels good to know that you are loved and being prayed for, that you are in fact a part of a community.

Seeing as this post is getting to be rather lengthy, I will end it here.The rest of the story will follow within the next day or so. 

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Jen said...

Poor thing. It is so hard to see our children in pain. She is one brave little girl!!