Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm such a sucker! It's been a very long time since I've spent any real amount of time away from Violet. I spent this past weekend with my best friend from college. She is getting ready to move across the world and live in Asia for two years. This was our last chance to spend some time together before she's off to tackle the world!

While I had a wonderful time with my friend, I often found myself thinking of or talking about Violet. I wondered what she was doing, what she ate for her meals, whether she was having some good quality time with her Daddy, how she slept, and if she missed me or not. I even did the unthinkable, I pulled out my little brag book of pictures to show people how precious my little girl really is!

Seriously though, I had an amazing time with my friend. Even though I missed Violet and Gregg more than I thought was imaginable, it was great to be away for a little while. Better still was the wonderful time I had with my friend ~ I don't know when we'll have the chance to spend time together again like we did this weekend.

Being a wife and mother are the two most important things in the world to me. Then, being a good friend to those who I'm blessed enough to know and call friend is the next most important thing. There's a saying, "We are given the family that we're born with and then our friends are the family members that we choose". I believe that. Maybe I'm strange, but my friends are like family to me ~ not because my family is sooo bad, because they're not, they're great actually ~ but because I don't have alot of people that I call close friends. You know, there are friends that you'll doing anything for and that's the type of friend that I try to surround myself with. Friendship is very important to me and it's not something that I take lightly. This is a quality that I hope to pass along to Violet. Never take forgranted those whom you love and who you call a friend.

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