Thursday, January 18, 2007

Climbing The Walls...

Why won't the weather cooperate with me and all of the other mothers out there? Ugh!!! It's been cold and raining here for almost two weeks. My little girl is climbing the walls for some outdoor activity. I'm climbing the walls because Violet is climbing the walls!

My desperate attempts of distraction are only getting me so far. One can only spend so much time coloring, reading, playing with play-dough, and pretend play before things start to get old. Violet has never been a child that needs to be entertained by her parents. She has always been very good at finding things to keep herself busy. Yet, because of all this nasty weather we've been having lately, our little outdoor outings have been reduced to absolutely zero. Being cooped up all day, day in and day out, has made for a very restless little girl.

Ok, I've whined enough about being stuck indoors. I'm off to go play!

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