Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ear Infection Update

Violet had been crying alot in the latter part of last week and we just attributed it to her ear infection. We noticed that when she would cry it was always when she was lying down. I also noticed on Friday morning that there was some fluid in her ear. I finally called the doctor and asked some questions regarding these things and found out that the ear infection was more serious than was originally thought to be. The doctor called in some antibiotic ear drops immediately and said to bring Violet in if her fever came back or got higher.

Those ear drops have been a god-send! Her ear has almost completely cleared up and the pain is no longer an issue. We've finally gotten our happy, go-lucky, little girl back and we are so happy to see her in such good spirits. This has seemed like the longest journey regarding Violet's health and are looking forward to better days ahead.

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