Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sounds of Tranquility

I love days like today. The weather is a little muggy, I could do without that, but it's still a wonderful day. The wind is blowing a wonderful full breeze that is causing our windchimes to make the most amazing music. Also, the birds are chirping and flying back and forth to our little bird feeder. The mixture of the sounds... the wind blowing, the chimes musically swaying and the birds chirping and singing are all sounds of tranquility.

The only thing that makes these sounds any better is the laughter of Violet. Her laughter is pure joy and makes a parent's heart soar with delight. We are so incredibly blessed and so often fail to find the pleasure in the little things. The next time you are down in the dumps or thinking that life is unfair, take a moment and listen to your surroundings. Enjoy the sound of chimes tinkling in the wind, the songs of the birds in the air, and if you're lucky enough... the laughter of a child. All these sounds should bring tranquility to your weary soul. All are gifts from the Creator of Heaven and Earth and we need to be thankful for them.

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