Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Back!

My gosh! Will this ear infection Ever leave?!! I noticed some drainage coming from Violet's left ear, yet again. She had a low-grade fever late Thursday night and that is what caused me to look at her ear. I thought we were finally past this but apparently not.

With Gregg's new job being so far away from home, and him not having any time to take off from work, we had to wait to take Violet to the doctor until this morning (Saturday). I did my best to keep Violet comfortable in the meantime. Anyway, we went in to see her doctor bright and early this morning and he confirmed that she in fact had another ear infection. Ugh!

One bright note, the doctor was very kind to us and gave us several samples of the new antibiotic to treat this infection. This gift was a god-send as we still don't have insurance yet (Gregg's been trying to work on that situation). Still, it was a blessing, one for which we are very thankful. Even in the midst of trials, God is there. Even when you are feeling like you cannot handle one more thing to go wrong, God blesses you through the gifts of others. God is so good and is faithful to His children... thank You, LORD, for Your loving care.

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