Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Peter Rabbit

Violet and I went to the local library this Monday to enjoy a few hours of activities that were being held there. Every activity was focused on Easter. There was a bunny-picture-frame craft to be made with carrot sticks for a snack in one room. Violet and I had a fun time making her own little frame and it turned out quite nice, even if I do say so myself.

In another room there was Peter Rabbit. There were two young ladies in that room painting the kids faces to look like little rabbits ~ cute. When I took Violet up to the face-painting station she got very upset and clung to my neck for dear life. I guess she thought they were going to look into her mouth, like what happens when she goes to see the doctor (can you tell, she's not a fan of that?). So, we skipped having her face painted.

We watched several kids sit in Peter Rabbit's lap to have their picture taken. She was interested in watching this activity as it unfolded right before her eyes. We talked about "Floppsy" (her favorite little pink bunny that she has) and I told her that Peter Rabbit was Floppsy's big brother (which isn't a lie because in the books, he really is). When I told Violet this she seemed more interested in meeting Peter Rabbit. I should have known better than to think this was actually possible. As soon I we started to walk up to good ole' Peter, Violet began to cry. She wouldn't get in his lap or even stand beside him. We finally managed a picture with Peter Rabbit by me standing beside him with Violet on my other hip. If I didn't know any better, Violet was making sure she was safe if Peter Rabbit decided he was hungry and wanted to munch on someone he would have to get me first while she had a running chance to get out of the room.

Finally, the last activity was on the second floor of the library. They had cupcakes to decorate with a slew of toppings. Violet, like every other kid there, had the time of her life doing this activity. She asked for a vanilla cupcake and we were given the frosting to put on top of it. From there Violet chose tiny, colored marshmallows. She actually did a wonderful job in decorating her little cupcake. Once it was all decorated Violet commenced to eating this wonderful little treat. She even let her mommy have a bite since she couldn't eat the whole thing.

On the way home, we met someone who was walking their new black lab puppy. Violet wanted to meet the sweet pup and the owner was nice enough to let them play together for a few minutes. I'm not sure who was more excited over this little play-time together, Violet or the puppy. Both were wiggling around like crazy and thoroughly enjoyed one another's company.
Both were upset once the play-time was over and wanted to continue playing together.

Once home, we had a little snack (a healthy one) and then took a nap. Violet hasn't slept this hard during a nap as she did on that day. Overall, it was a wonderful day. Even with the knowledge that my little girl would throw me in the path of a hungry giant rabbit so that she could escape!

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