Friday, March 23, 2007

Not So Little Anymore

Violet is definitely growing up. We've had to put off potty-training for various reasons and just now started. After reading up on how best to do this we set off on a great start. Yesterday, Violet was put on the potty right after she woke up and then at different times throughout the day.

I had hoped that she would actually go potty at some point but didn't have any unrealistic expectations either. To my surprise, Violet actually tinkled in the potty on her third try! I clapped for Violet and praised her accomplishment. As the book said to do, I went overboard with the praise. While I was making such a big fuss, Violet looked at me with a huge smile on her face, rolled her eyes, and I could just read what she was thinking... "Woman,you've lost all of your senses!"

I guess, in a small way, I did loose my senses. I started to cry for a moment as I realized that our little girl is not so little anymore. Violet has turned into a very independent little girl and doesn't rely on her parents as much. As proud of I was of her I was sad too because I realized that she's growing up way too fast. This is just another step for Violet in not needing us any more.

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