Monday, April 23, 2007

The Praise of Children

Last night, on our way home from church, we put one of Violet's cds in the player. She was tired and just a little cranky and we wanted to make the drive home as pleasant as possible. As soon as the music began playing Violet began singing. Gregg and I sang along for a little while and then we quieted down so that we could enjoy listening to our precious little one sing praises to our Lord.

I don't know this for sure, but I imagine that the voices of the angels that sing praises to God sound alot like the voices of children. Nothing sounds sweeter, or can bring a tear to my eye faster, than listening to children sing praise songs. The innocence in their voices makes the praise purer than anything we can offer as adults. Yes, God enjoys the voices of all His children singing praise to Him, young and old alike. It just seems to me that the voices of the children are more pleasing to Him. Why? Because their singing praise songs is a sign that they just don't sing them at church but at home as well. Children who raise their voices to God have been taught the importance of such things.

I'm not trying to "toot my own horn" but I feel like Gregg and I are doing something right with Violet whenever we hear her sing praise songs. It shows me that we're making her eternal life, not just her physical one, a priority. It shows me that she is learning something good from us and not just our bad habits. The greatest gift that we, as parents, can give our children is a love for Christ and to lead them to Him. Violet's songs of praise are just the first step in her knowing Him. We'll continue to lead her down the rest of the path to the best of our abilities. The final step of acceptance is Violet's, but we can help her take it.

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