Thursday, April 19, 2007

Proud Mommy Moments

I haven't been feeling well lately. As a result, we put Violet in day-care yesterday and a close friend, Pam, watched her today. The past few days have been difficult on me because I don't like having to rely on others to help me with our daughter, with the exception of my wonderful husband. Well, there has been a wonderful ray of sunshine during the past two days. It came in the form of praise of my little girl.

Apparently, Violet is considered a very sweet and intelligent child. One of the day-care workers praised Violet on her verbal skills yesterday. She couldn't believe that Violet is only 2 1/2 years old due to how well she speaks and forms sentences. But today's praise, from Pam, was the best. My friend also praised Violet's vocabulary and sentence structure. What warmed my heart the most was to hear my friend tell me how well behaved Violet was today.

Pam gave me a detailed description of all the amusing little things that Violet did today. For instance, during Violet's lunchtime meal, she reached out her hand and asked to pray for their meal. Violet also used her napkin to wipe off her face and hands. Pam delighted in Violet's singing, as she would just start singing a song that she knows or made up. Pam assured me that Violet was the most well behaved child that she's had the pleasure of spending time with since she had her own daughter eighteen years ago. High praise from a mother of one of the loveliest young ladies that I've had the pleasure of ever knowing.

When you're a stay-at-home mom it's difficult to let someone else take care of your child, even when you need the help. The compliments that Gregg and I received, regarding how Violet behaves and her vocabulary, helped to ease the pain of being separated from our little girl. It also affirms that we are actually doing something right with Violet, and that's the best feeling ever. Violet may need therapy when she gets older for some mistake that we've invariably made, but she'll never be able to say that we didn't do the best that we could by her!

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