Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I know that if Violet ever reads this blog she is bound to be embarrassed by some of the things I've shared with you. She will be particularly embarrassed after she reads today's blog entry. I know that I will eventually hear, "Woman! How could you?!!!" To which I'll respond, "I'm your mother, sweetheart. It's my god-given right to embarrass you." Then, you'll hear a quiet little snicker bubble forth from my lips.

Okay, maybe I've over dramatized things a bit. But, knowing that Violet will be a teenage girl someday, I highly doubt that I've over exaggerated things. So, this is my way of getting even with Violet for how she's going to behave in the future. For all the moments that she'll be embarrassed to be seen with her parents, for every little roll of the eyes when she thinks we've said something stupid, for all the times that she'll think she is smarter than we are... this is for all of those times. Heehee.

As you all know, we've been trying to potty-train Violet. She's been doing very well when it comes to tinkling on the potty but that's been it. Well, today Violet actually went poopy on the toilet!!! (I can't believe I'm actually writing about bodily functions but it is a part of life.) Anyway, as soon as I realized that Violet made poopy I began to do cartwheels and other various acrobatic feats. Okay, not so much cartwheels and acrobatics but I did every possible thing to show Violet how pleased I was of her and this accomplishment. We called her Daddy and shared the wonderful news. He proceeded to gush over Violet's accomplishment while he was on the speaker phone. Hey, whatever it takes! Right?

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