Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Violet will kill me someday for sharing this but I have to tell you what happened tonight. Gregg, Violet and I went shopping tonight. We were on a mission. Find a new tv stand for the new tv that we'll be getting in a few days ~ ours died suddenly and Sears is replacing it since it was only a few months old. We need a larger stand because the new tv we're getting is larger and we don't think the stand we have now will hold it safely.

After shopping around for a new tv stand we realized that we hadn't eaten dinner and went to the mall's food court for our meal. Definitely not the best meal choice but it was the quickest. While I finished my meal, Gregg took Violet for a little walk. Violet got ahead of Gregg while walking around and wasn't watching where she was going. Before Gregg was able to stop her, Violet had walked right into the pane of glass at a store's front. Bam!

Thankfully, Violet wasn't hurt. She had a little spot on her forehead that showed evidence of her run-in with the glass wall but that was it. Well, I say that was all, but how can I seriously put into words her embarrassment? When I caught up with Gregg and Violet, she was cradled safely in his arms, head on her Daddy's shoulder and looking rather forlorn.

Violet is a natural chatter-box. Rarely is she not talking. Really, the only time she's not talking or singing is when she's eating or sleeping. This is how Violet was the whole night until she ran into the glass. After that, she was a quiet as a mouse. It took Violet a while to get over the shock of what happened and get back to her normal self.

It's easy to think of children as resilient, and they are for the most part. But sometimes we forget that they get embarrassed too. Tonight was a huge reminder that our little ones experience the same feelings we do when faced with embarrassing situations. Our first reaction was concern when Violet hit the glass and then it turned into amusement until we noticed how serious Violet had become. Our little girl was in need of assurance and some tender-loving-care, which we more than happy to give.

No matter how hard we try to prevent them, accidents happen. We can only do our best to protect our children but it's ultimately up to God what happens in their lives. When things happen like tonight we must learn from them and try to be better prepared the next time. We must also be able to forgive ourselves when things happen that are out of our control. Being a parent is not the easiest task. But if it were easy we wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the beautiful children we're blessed with.

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