Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Accidents must come in threes. First, we had the little accident in the mall last night. Now, Violet had a run-in with a bedroom door. Granted, this accident was partly my fault. As I went to open the door this morning Violet moved, when I wasn't looking, and got in the path of the door. Again, BAM! Right in the kisser! And again, thankfully it wasn't a serious boo-boo. Although, if she gets any bruises from the past two accidents, Gregg and I will have alot of explaining to do.

Finally, while playing in the living room, Violet plopped down on the floor and hit the back of her head on the runner of her little rocking chair. Seriously, I think we've had enough accidents in the past two days to say enough is enough! It's amazing, even though Violet cries for a little bit when she gets hurt, she gets right back up and goes back to business as usual. We're blessed with a very resilient little girl who doesn't let much get her down.

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