Friday, May 18, 2007

A New Friend....

The newest friend of our family is a green bear named "Boz". Boz is a Christian cartoon that was made by the co-creator of Barney. The Boz cartoons are the most wonderful series for children. Think of it as a great blend of Baby Einstein and Barney. Each episode is a wonderful balance of music, Christian values, and entertainment for children.

We have one dvd titled "Thank You God for Colors and Shapes". This dvd not only covers the shapes and colors, but there are valuable lessons in it that every parent hopes to instill in their children. For example, helping others with tasks. Obeying your parents. Eating healthy. And most importantly, helping children learn to be more mindful of God through prayer and our actions.

Each song in the videos are great for children. They are even fairly catchy for the parents to sing along to. We have always loved Veggie Tales, the front-runner of Christian children's videos. But ever since we've discovered Boz that is all Violet wants to watch and it's a video that we don't mind her watching. Not that we mind Veggie Tales, they just don't hold Violet's attention as well. Still, we enjoy Boz because in each episode there is prayer, something that even some of the best Christian videos leave out.

So, if you ever want to get a young child a video, I highly recommend the Boz videos. I cannot find a negative thing to say about them. Boz is endorsed by Family Life and MOPS, two organizations that place a high emphasis on family and Christian values.

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