Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother Like Daughter

Violet is more like her Momma than she realizes. Lately she has been playing a game of lining up all of her books and toys in a straight path. There is a pattern that Violet is seeing in her head that she has to fulfill. It's amusing to watch Violet pull all of her toys and books out and start the process of making a path with them. She gets so intensely focused on her task that she forgets about everything else. Everything has its place and she wants it put there.

I am that way. I have my own way of organizing things. And, once I get started on a task, it's very difficult for me to stop. I can see the end of my projects and I want to finish them. This seems to be the case with Violet. Unfortunately, for her, Violet's work and efforts get messed up when it's time to clean up and pick up everything. Violet protests the cleaning up process because she's worked so hard at what she's been doing. I don't blame her really, I'd be upset too if I'd worked on something and someone came around and screwed with everything.

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